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Cigna Round the Bays 10km (February 18) 47.41 36th (27 weeks pregnant) Race Report

Scottish Waterfront 5km (January 16) 22.20 at (22 weeks pregnant)


Injured or Pregnant all year, no races!


Auckland Marathon Half Marathon (October 30) 1.25.10 9th Race Report

Scottish Waterfront 5km (October 18) 18.14  PB 1st

National Road Champs 10km (September 3) 39.54 9th

Wellington Road Champs 10km (August 20) 39.08 PB 2nd

Christchurch Marathon– Half Marathon (June 4) 1.24.26 PB 13th (NZ Half Marathon Championships)

Tassie Trail Fest 44km Marathon (March 12) 4.34.15 4th Race Report

Scottish Waterfront 5km (March 9) 18.46  1st


Luxmore Grunt  (5 December) 2.28.47 4th Race Report

Auckland Marathon Half Marathon (1 November) 1.28.06 9th Race Report

National Road Champs 10km (5 September) 40.29  16th

Wellington Road Champs 10km (22 August) 40.49 5th  Race report

Wellington Marathon 10km (July 5) 41.03 3rd  Race report

Dorne Cup (13 June) 25.14 6th

Vosseler Shield 10km (May 23) 53.17 (Senior Men’s race) 33rd human, 1st female  Race report

University Relays (May 9) 16.52 7th fastest lap time SW, 1st place SW team

Shaw Baton Relay (April 25) 7.59 8th fastest lap time SW, 1st place SW team

Le Gaye Cup/ Centennial Cup (April 18) 19.31  4th

Scottish Waterfront 5km (March 31) 21.17  3rd


Wellington Marathon 21.1km (June 22) 1.27.48   13th  (This race was the NZ Half Marathon Championships) Race Report

Xterra Race 1- Red Rocks 20km (April 27) 2.08.08   3rd

Scottish Waterfront 5km (April 01) 20.11 2nd

Tarawera Ultramarathon 60km (March 15) 7.17.59   9th  Race Report

Scottish Waterfront 5km (Feb 11) 19.46 2nd


Luxmore Grunt (Dec 7) 2.34.17   2nd  Race Report

Scottish Waterfront 5km (Oct 29) 19.31 PB 2nd

Scottish Waterfront 5km (Feb 11) 19.47 5th

Wellington Marathon 21.1km (June 23) 1.35.02   22nd

AMI Round The Bays 21.1km- (Feb 17) 1.38.09  37th

When I am running and racing, I’m coached by Kevin Ross.

If you have a favourite race or run, let me know what it is so I can try it 🙂

4 thoughts on “Events/ Races

  1. Good luck for this weekend x

  2. Hey Amanda, I love reading your pieces!!! I am part of the organising team for the Selwyn Running Festival held annually in November and we would love to have you come and race at our event. I think it would be a great chance for you to better your 1.27 half marathon PB… Let me know what you think

    • Hi Michael, thanks for the positive feedback I’m glad you like reading my blog. I will definitely be back up and running by November, not sure if I’ll get a PB though with six months off but never say never! I would be keen to come and take on the other hoggets and vie for a spot to be one of the first to leap out of the drafting gates. 🙂

      • Well there is a free entry waiting for you if you would like it… There is more info about the Festival on our website if you want to have a look. Loved the ‘Fifty Shades of Chafe’ by the way

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